Welcome to the "host" of beulah

Holistic  Event Center and local Art Gallery,

"Art at the Fork"

    "the host" is nestled in the foothills of the Colorado Wet Mountains at the altitude of 6400 ft, 20 miles west of Pueblo.


           The Beulah Valley has a long history of being a nurturing land. The native Indian considered it sacred healing ground.   At the beginning of the 1900, settlers came to Beulah to survive tuberculois and many did, as their offsprings will tell you.  


      In that same tradition, the host of beulah, HOBHC will be the place for Recharging, Relaxing and Rejuvenating with health practitioners, massage, energetic sessions, yoga classes, workshops for creation of consciousness.                 NEW CBD PRODUCT LINE ! 

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       The personal services ban will be lifted

May 1st, 2020 but in light of the Beulah Community's loss to COVID-19, the "host" of Beulah's yoga classes and massage services will be on hold until at least May 18th,2020. We will reconsider at that point.      

     We are working on getting yoga classes  livestreamed. 


      CANCELLED Yoga  & Modern Dance Classes               

                           Tuesday, 9:30 AM                                  Aromatherapy Yoga 

75 minute Class

   Instructor:  Angelina Perez   


Wednesday, 6:00 PM

   Vinyasa Flow

     60 minute Class 

     Instructor: Christina McCann,

Kestrel Cservenak

Karin Kyte 



    Thursday 10:00 AM    

 Beginners Yoga

  90 minute   

  Instructor: Anne Moulton


      Saturday, 10:00 AM 

Modern Dance Classes

60 minute Class   

Instructor: Lori Lara   




All Classes: $10.00

Flexible packages: $9.00 per class


 Walk-in are welcome.  The space holds

     12-13 people comfortably, if the classes are

       consistently full, I'll add more times.


  Professional        Services

      Relax,Rejuvenate & Refresh

      with a variety of health care          services provided by our 

       Professionals:                                    (Prices listed under Menu of                            services)

              Massage :



              CBD Oil Therapy

              Chi Nei Tsang .



              Deep Tissue

              Hot Stone

              Neuromuscular Therapy



              Somatic Trauma Release

              Swedish Massage



  Spa Treatments: 


    Full Body Mud Wrap: 

    quality muds/essential oils 

    Full Body Mud Wrap/ 50 mins        craniosacral or head massage

    Salt/Sugar Scrubs        

    Ionic Baths is a water bath that

    pulls toxics out through the feet      or hands by an ionic charge.


     ​Network Chiropractic NOW       available on certain Sundays, Call   for more information 719-200-   8615


 Access Consciousness® " The Bar"

The Bars® are 32 specific points on the head & neck when gently touch releases the firing of the neuro-synapsis which creates peace, releases stress, giving allowance for new perspectives  .

Change your mind, Change your life. 













Grand Room Available  


Private Events



     719-485- 4678 


   Top occupancy for the building is  48, however the back yard is spacious enough for larger events up to  80/100 people.

The conference room is available for yoga classes, weekend retreats, workshops, and private functions,  please inquire for day and hourly rates. 719-485-4678  

Our conference room is 16 feet by 36 feet .


THOBHC can provide  8 ft tables, chairs for up to 30 people .

5 to 7 massage tables would be an easy fit.


Catering and transportation can be arranged.


As well as Spa treatments for your clients. 


Check under our Beulah Partner link for lodging.









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the"host" of beulah

holistic center

Located at the fork of Pine Drive & Central Ave

8505 Hwy 78 West

Beulah Colorado 81023

Phone: 719-485-4678 

E-mail: thehostofbeulah@gmail.com

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