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 the host of beulah building and property  has a long history of great diversity.


At one time, the land north of it  was a permanent Carnival complete with a Ferris wheel.  


Since the 50s, it's been a restaurant. One incarnation was called the Hickory Pit.  They smoked their own meat in the back part of the building.


In the late 60s , my family  came along and literally stumbled onto the building as they were giving family guests a tour of the area.   

the "host" restaurant opened its doors  in December of 1969.  


It was know for its unique concept of;  four course meals, quality,  service, atmosphere, elegance, and "Being a little out of the ordinary because it was a little bit out of the way."  It was the place to go for those  "Special Occasions."


With those same qualities being the cornerstone of our commitment, we are proud to

introduce "the host of beulah" holistic center.  


 This version of the host will be an ongoing creation and exploration of the capacities of the human body and spirit to reorganize itself into new possibilities of expression

of life with the inclusion of the planet and the future. 


Hope that works for you.


If it does, join us. 










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the"host" of beulah

holistic center

Located at the fork of Pine Drive & Central Ave

8505 Hwy 78 West

Beulah Colorado 81023

Phone: 719-485-4678 

E-mail: thehostofbeulah@gmail.com

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