Welcome to 'Art at the Fork' Gallery

'Art at the Fork' Gallery features local Beulah Valley artists,

who bring a variety of mediums and styles showcasing the diversity of Beulah Valley, and southern Colorado.

Paintings, photography, and mixed media pieces adorn the walls.

Smaller prints, greeting cards, coasters may be of interest for those of you traveling through the area


The Gallery is ever shifting, moving and changing.


In addition to Artist, we offer books from several of our local authors,

including Poets .


Please feel free to stop by for a cup of tea, a chat, a browse or just plain relax for  a moment down by the creek



Featured Artists

Tricia Neff

My artwork communicates authentic, original design and image resulting from the search and embrace of self-knowledge and desire to impart that realization to the viewer....

Gary Morgan

I am a lifelong resident of Beulah. I began oil painting over 25 years ago, and am forever grateul for the opportunity to paint.....

Lana Woodruff

Pastel, Mixed Media


My mother once told me that as a toddler, whenever she put me in my high chair, I would spread some of the food on the tray and announce "Fingerpaints!"

Janis Mitchell

JANIS MITCHELL calls Beulah CO home. She works in pastels and acrylics and enjoys art subjects of animal portraits, interiors, and still life.  Janis tells us, "My art work is limited to evenings and weekends as I......

Ray Serena

Information about this artist will be updated soon

Priscilla Leese

Priscilla grew up in the Midwest, and in the early 1990’s, she moved to southern Colorado where she became captivated by the awe inspiring......

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