What is it that new or seasoned gardeners want? Healthy, happy plants and rich wonderful soils. There are several ways to support healthy soil biology, some more labor and cost intensive than others. AlgaeGrow™ makes it simple. Made from live fresh-water algae and other supplements, it restores and balances soil biology which supports soil structure. This increases yields, water holding capacity and leads to nutrient rich, flavorful fruits and vegetables. To learn more and to purchase stop by the "host" or go to: 


      The CBD market is trending.   Shark Tank investors just put  money into a CBD company.    You do not have to wait for a Shark Tank interview, you can create your own CBD company

       Today.   Change the Future Outcome, CTFO opened their doors, January 2018.

         ( I am still working on the links, please paste and copy till I figurethis out)  So Sorry 

              I 've been watching very closely to their every move, so far, they are following through with their word.   I 've been impressed.


 The payout plan is crazy, you sign up a person, you get additional placement:

       Check out the products, there are Beauty products, not found   anywhere else:        If you are looking for an additional income stream,

 high end products that gets results, sign up here.

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