What are the benefits of massage?

There are so many benefits of massage it is impossible to list them all.  Massage loosens and reprograms you muscle to move more correctly. That generally means pain reduction, and a greater range of motion. Massage can help prevent some problems from developing such at carple tunnel, sciatic nerve pain, and back pain. It can also help reduce or prevent most kinds of headaches, jaw pain (TMJD), and arthritic pains. Overall, pain reduction is the most noticed benefit of recipients. 

Massage can help your muscles move correctly for your body. Athletes of all ages find massage to reduce the amount and severity of sports/movement related injuries as well as reduce the recovery time. Massage after certain medical operations has been shown to greatly reduce the amount of healing time needed, and in some cases reduces the size and severity of scar tissue. 

It is impossible to list all the benefits of massage, if you have any questions or want to know if massage will be of benefit to you, please call us and ask. 

Will massage hurt?

Massage is never supposed to be truly painful or cause injury. Depending on the type of massage you chose, there are times your massage will "hurt so good".  With certain types, mild bruising and soreness can be expected. However, nothing will ever be done without your consent.  Your therapist will let you know exactly what they are doing and keep in constant communication with you during your massage.

I am uncomfortable being nude or being touched in certain places. Do I have to undress and can I still recieve massage?

Of course you can still recieve massage! Never ever ever will you be asked to anything you are uncomfortable with. You can chose to leave every piece of clothing on or chose to take everything off. Your modesty is of the utmost importance and you are respected as an individual. If you chose to disrobe partially or completly, it is up to you. We will always keep your personal areas covered and your modesty intact. Your therapist will always maintain professional customs and boudaries. Your therapist will discuss with you what you are and are not comfortable with before your first massage. If you are ever uncomfortable with anything, let us know.

There are so many types of massage and energetic work, how do I know what is best for me?

There are as many different types of massage as there are types of personalities in this world. It can get confusing to know what would be the most beneficial. Talk to your therapist about it. They can suggest or even try out different types of massage to find the one you like the best. Often times, your therapist will create combination of teqhniques to bring you the most benefit from your massage. 

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