Our Team

Meet our team of Professional Body workers, Healers, Nutritionists, Facilitators and Teachers

and Stewarts of the Planet and the Future 

Lorrie Scott

Licensed MassageTherapist



Graduated in 1992



Neck and Back injuries

Carpal Tunnel syndrome


Energetic body processes


 Access Consciousness  "The Bars"

Bars Facilitator

Energetic Facilitator 


Professional development

30 years



Nikki Wells

Liciensed Massage Therapist

MT. 0017952

Most people come to massage because they're in pain

Pain often results from or is aggravated by stress.

Therefore Nikki's treatmetn are focused not only on

providing pain relief, bu also on deep relaxation of the

nervous system . This results in a more nourishing,

lasting treatment .


Shiatus Massage

typically done whileclient is fully

clothed, to easier facilitate stretches incorporated into



Essentail Oil Massage

ost sessions include at leastone essential oil, based on

assessment during intake.


Chinese Adbominal Detox  Massage

Is a deeply relaxing massage that focus on the

internal organs i.e.  stomach, pancreas,liver , gallbladder

large and small intestine giving them  some freedom from



Active Isolated Stretching

In addition to rapidly building strength and flexibility,

AIS can help speed recovery from a wide variety of pain

and  injury problems


Rae Frye

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
About The Practitioner

My name is Rae Frye, I received my massage training in Richmond, Virginia at American Spirit Institute.  My education is continuing as there are always something new in the world of massage and health care. 

Massage therapist often partner up with chiropractors because what we do for the body compliments each so well, after all the muscles hold the bones in place.

I believe in living a holistic way of life, live off the land and the land shall take care of you.  Our land has so much to offer us, if we could just listen to what it is saying.  The more chemicals we use in our packaged foods, the massage lotions and oils that we use and the skin care products that we use not only ages our external and internal body.  Our skin is our largest organ of our body and everything we put on it sinks through to our internal body.  We can learn together how to make our bodies and land much better living.  

If I can show you a new way of living than my day is a better one because that is what is important to me.



CBD Massage

Swedish massage

Deep Tissue massage

Hot Stone massage

Couples massage

Chair massage-- events

Full body scrubs and wraps, hand and foot scrubs, back scrubs and wraps.  You can do these separately or add them on to your massage service

Skin care services such as facials, and hair removal with NuFree system.



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