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Lorrie J Scott


Licensed MassageTherapist



Graduated in 1992


Neck and Back injuries

Carpal Tunnel syndrome


Energetic body processes


 Access Consciousness  "The Bars"

Bars Facilitator

Energetic Facilitator 


Professional development

30 years





Dr. Lynn: Nationally Certified Trained/Tested, Licensed Upledger Trained CranioSacral/ Energy Practitioner/Massage and Bodywork Therapist in Colorado and North Carolina. License - North Carolina #6984 and Colorado# 0020861 





Hello everyone! My name is Lynn Knight and I am a new addition to the team at The Host of Beulah, joining Lorrie Scott as a massage and craniosacral therapist, at 8505 Hwy 78 W. in Beulah of course. I have been practicing since 2006 doing both craniosacral and massage/bodywork service for adults, teens and children/babies. I have advanced Craniosacral and Brain Training from the Upledger Institute, as well as extensive Massage and Bodywork training. I have been recently working in Cherokee, NC at the Mandara Spa for close to 7 years. Check out my website at:  https://www.iahp.com/KnightCranioSacralTherapy/


I have a wide variety of services to share with you. Swedish and Deep Tissue, Specialized Massages or add on: Hot Stone, Bamboo, Balinese, Spirit Dance (sage/drumming and essential oils), Deep Tissue, Sports; Advanced CranioSacral Therapy; Spa Scrubs and Wraps are coming. I also specialize in working with those that have had trauma either physically, spiritually or mentally. In addition, I have experience with sports massage for children and teenage athletes (parents must be present under the age of 16). 


To make an appointment, call my cell at 828-550-2267 and leave your name and contact information. I teach during the day at CSUP.  I am available for evening appointments starting at 5pm – 8pm.  I also will be available on most Sundays from 1-4 for walk-in appointments. I am the blue door on the right.


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